About Me

For those of you not aware of my background, I’ve been heavily involved in the fitness industry for several years. I used to run track and have spent some time competing in bikini competitions, even claiming the title of World Bikini Champion. I’ve also worked as a group fitness instructor and regularly do fitness modeling. I am a massive believer that a healthy mindset is just as important as a healthy body. My goal is to provide everyone around me with tools they can use to enrich their mind and create a positive mindset to then work towards shaping and creating the body they desire.

I've created this brand to help spread that word. I have an amazing team of people behind me that want nothing more than to make sure that you, as a customer, are happy with what we offer. We're all working together to create something that you can value. Not just some clothing. A way of thinking. A lifestyle. Help me help you

We can do anything together.